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  1. 5 meals a day is not practical for most of us and at the end of the day, you can eat one large 1k meal a day AND benefit from intermittent fasting at least.

    I eat two meals a day that covers upto 1.4k calories in a 7 hour window, 5 meals just sounds like too much hassle.

  2. Hi, thx for the info. I used to eat meat and was lean. I cut the amount of meat i eat because my digestion issues. Can i eat spinach salad with broccoli and chicken? because my digestion system is weak, after 6pm that last meal will mess up my sleep. I eat 80% plant base, not much meat =( . just wish this plan is gonna work. thx for your reply

  3. It still surprises me, just how many people are not aware about Fenoboci Diet Plan, although a lot of people get great result with it. Thanks to my mate who told me about Fenoboci Diet Plan, I have lost tons of weight with it without starving myself.

  4. I was doing this before I watched this video and it works I am 5'5 and weighed 140 my goal was to get leaner and I lost 2 pounds of fat in the first week the reason for the 5-6 frequent meals is to keep your body from going to starvation mode, don't listen to the guy in the bottom which probably eats 3 regular meals which isn't good after a few hours of not eating your body starts going into starvation mode and storing fat which is why you wanna eat more frequent smaller portioned meals and if u like to workout and build muscle protein shakes are recommended which is also a good combination to lose weight

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  6. I would rather starve than eat meat knowingly!!!! Your video btw isn't very interesting, I've lost interest too soon! u need to add more colour some pictures, maybe do a dance! haha. but I'm just sayin I didn't watch till the end! but thanks for posting anyway I'm sure other's are very grateful! 🙂

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  8. After reducing 37 pounds within a couple of months all I have to say is "Consistency" Is The Key in this game. In the beginning you will have to choose a good eating plan to follow. I can recommend because its very detailed and easy to practice. Shoot for practical weight loss goals like up to 3 pounds each week.

    ● Motivate by yourself. Even the best diet plan can go wrong if you cannot stick to it.

  9. I need help!…..I'm overweight and needs something that could help me in losing weight. I've done everything and searching for different information but I'am confused if which one will work for me. I just would like to ask if you heared about the gastric bypass formula without surgery. I saw it from this [linl] – Please let me know if someone knows something about it.

  10. It still surprises me, how some people do not know about Proladox Diet Plan (just google it), even though lots of people get good result with it. Thanks to my friend who told me about Proladox Diet Plan, I've lost a lot of weight by using it without starving myself.

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  12. @claustroflowbicc A completely agree – it's a bit on the "light" side my friend! I simply created the video because a lot of people were asking for a 1000 calorie diet plan that actually worked and I've found this one to be very effective. There are variations to this for example there's a 1500 calorie variation on my youtube channel that you can click on above – very similar, just bumped calorie intake. You could also make this 2,000 calories depending on exercise level.

  13. @ghostmonkey5 @ghostmonkey5 Thanks for the comment ghostmonkey5. I appreciate you taking the time. I have many friends who don't eat meat by choice – but it's just that, a choice. If it were a simple case of calories in/calories out – than you'd have a good point. Unfortunately there's an enormouse amount of people out there who don't eat a lot and are still overweight (VEGANS included). Plus, I find that animal protein is a highly effective fat burning food. But to each his own.


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