Best abs workouts for women can be found in our 90 day fitness program

This 15 minute abs workout with cardio bonus at the end will help you strengthen your abs and burn off overlying fat. This ab workout for women contains 4 advanced abs exercises and an additional 150 reps of cardio based exercises as a bonus at the end of these 15 min abs exercises.

A 15 min ab workout a couple times per week will help to build strength in the core which will help flatten out your abs. You also need to do some cardio and maintain a healthy diet to lean out and strip away fat in the abdominal area to get a flat stomach.

Do each of the exercises in this abs and cardio workout for 50 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. Do the entire abs workout 3 times through followed by the cardio bonus at the end for a complete 15 minute ab workout.

1) Leg Drop and Knee Hug
2) Sandbag Sit Up and Press
3) Twisted Pistons
4) Sawing Abs


1) 100 High Knees
2) 25 Pushups
3) 25 Jump Squat Foot Grabs

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  1. great video very informative. what is the name of that timer app you used to countdown the workout. very refreshing to see that you were burned out after doing it. there's hope for the rest of us

  2. I love and have just done this one. It was good but i dind't do the last cardio bit as i had  done 900 over reps of jumprope tabata just before doing this one. Funny when you mentioned about Jeff from Athlean x, coz i just did his 400 reps for abs yesterday and last few times. I enjoed his w/o though i'm a woman, that doesn't stop me from doing what i want to workout. might one day repeat this one and combine with 400 abs from Jeff. Thanks a lot for this:)


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