The big move to university is, for many students, the first time you really step out on your own. To do that, you’re going to need some essentials. Even if you’ve been cooking your own dinner and doing your own laundry for years, it’s still different when mum and dad aren’t there to supply you with everything you need. If you’re heading off to uni this Autumn (or you know someone who is), we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to make that stay in halls or a student flat as comfortable as possible. You’ve probably already got your laptop, stationery, and uni wardrobe sorted, and you’ve probably thought about a few cute ways to make your room feel more personal, too. But have you really thought about the basics you’ll need to get by day to day? Keep reading for our list of the essentials, plus a few added extras that might just make you the most popular person on your floor.

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