It took me about 6 months to lose 45lbs & these are the 5 foods I gave up that helped so much! I promise it isn’t as hard as you might think to lose weight, but there are certain foods you need to ditch from your diet if you want to burn fat and have your own weight loss transformation!

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  1. I don’t understand why soy has become this villain in the food industry. Even meat that doesn’t have added hormones, naturally has hormones in their bodies like we do. When a human consumes an animal they injest the hormones in animal flesh. I always thought it was so weird that people were so worried about soy while not making the connection. It’s just not something people think about. And as a side note…flaxseeds have more phytoestrogens than soy, yet nobody is scared of them 🤷🏻‍♀️ Same with beer and certain types of alcohol. And before anybody comes for me, yes soy is in a lot of things, but we shouldn’t be eating those things in large quantities anyways since it’s in most processed and packaged goods. We should be eating mostly Whole Foods

  2. I guess we got lucky that our oldest son is allergic to soy…it keeps it out of our home.
    And since we have a daughter we avoid added hormone meat and dairy.
    Kids are a good regulator of diet, lol

  3. I eat medjool dates when I'm craving something sweet. They are so creamy and sweet and good! Also I find I don't crave sweets as much since I started eating them. Tons of healthy benefits too 😄 I'm also hypothyroid. Thanks for the tips!

  4. As a male having Hypothyroidism not fully able to understand the reactions from so many types of food that has a detrimental effect on the body. My main goal to weight loss was to consume less calories first. We eat way more calories than we should. I did lactate free milk, whithout sugar. I enjoy a cranberry and Vodka with lime so we added lime seltzer water and less cranberry juice. Splash of juice or just cut half the amount. Then I went to Tito's organic Vodka. I lowered my amount of medicine needed to control the thyroid. If you have Migraine headaches these simple changes will help lower these outbreaks. I found food to be what sustains us best will benefit us all in the long run of life. Getting rid of sugar as best you can is first and getting rid of Bread products will also lower your tryglicerides. Bread, liquor, and sugar along with packaged goods are really bad. I enjoy fried clams and scallops but the after effect on my breathing is a problem so I only eat it may be twice or 3 times a year. If we all can consume less, the health care and health insurance for all will be less and we will be less prone to disease and unexpected health adverse conditions. We have political correctness and the government telling us is probably the worst thing to follow. Every person is different and bodies consume food very differently from each other. Medical conditions also have an effect on how our bodies absorb the nutrition values. But I would agree it's not cheap but compare to the medical expenses of not taking care of yourself can be quite costly and loss of valuable time can't be done over. Exercise isn't for weight loss vs being healthy with muscle gain and cardio strength. We have heard many physical experts who have had heart attacks or other related ailments because of other things outside of excersice. There is no one size fit all to get healthier and live a long medicine free life. I wish you all good health, good eating, good excercising and a long blessed life!!

  5. I agree and have already started making some of the changes you mentioned in my diet. The problem is I live in a low income area and many of the products you mentioned are not available to me, the avocado spray, low sugar sauce, grass fed milk or cheese. I also commute 80 miles one way to work daily, so traveling around for food after a long commute is hard.

  6. I do not eat anything white: pasta, bread, sugar, potoes, and rice. I do it because of arthritis. Anything with starch spikes your insulin and causes inflammation. I have found ways to get hormone free meats without spending a fortune. Only good dairy is heavy cream and grass-fed butter.


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