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Are you ready for a little quiz to test how up-to-date you are?

Q. A healthcare company’s founders were put on leave following an FBI raid recently. What was the name of the company?

a) Outcome Health

b) uBiome

c) Medoc Health Services

The correct answer would be b) uBiome. Check out our coverage here.

Q. Also recently, a Florida judge recused himself from a case involving a large insurance company out of fairness, but in doing so called its practices “immoral and barbaric.” Which insurance company was it?

a) Aetna

b) Cigna

c) UnitedHealthcare

The correct answer is c). Here’s what we wrote.

And finally:

Q. Several biotech companies went public on. How many were there?

a) 4

b) 7

c) 3

The correct answer is a). Please read our coverage here.

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