Boston Children’s Hospital and 2nd.MD, a telehealth startup, have initiated a strategic partnership focused on pediatric telemedicine.

The alliance will rely on 2nd.MD’s technology and employer and health plan network to give patients across the nation virtual access to doctors from Boston Children’s.

Overall, 2nd.MD’s members can get video consultations with a pediatric specialist from the hospital and can more easily transfer their care to Boston Children’s should they choose to do so.

“This partnership with 2nd.MD creates a pathway for millions of families who may not be conveniently located near one of our hospitals to consult with our experts,” said Dr. Steven Fishman, president of the Boston Children’s Physicians Organization, according to a news release.

In a statement, 2nd.MD CEO Jason Melton added: “We’re excited to partner with another digital leader like Boston Children’s Hospital to pioneer new ways to democratize access to top-quality healthcare and help more families in need.”

Based in Houston, Texas, 2nd.MD relies on technology to help patients with complex or chronic medical conditions connect to medical specialists. Users can get a second opinion via a video or phone consultation with a doctor. The startup counts Fortune 500 employers among its clients.

The company was founded in 2011 by Clinton Phillips, who currently serves as its chief innovation officer.

After starting 2nd.MD, Phillips came to a realization about how unhappy many physicians are. He found that texting allows physicians to respond at a faster rate. Thus, he created Medici, a messaging app that allows consumers to text all their doctors — including their pediatrician, dentist, dermatologist, therapist and veterinarian — from a single platform. Patients can also press a button to start a video chat with their doctor. This summer, Austin, Texas-based Medici raised more than $22 million in private capital from investors including Citadel’s Ken Griffin, Publix’s Howard Jenkins and Tesla’s Antonio Gracias.


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