18 Roller Coasters in the UK That Everyone Should Ride at Least Once

We might not have the biggest or fastest roller coasters in the world, but our theme park rides can more than hold their own, and they're...

15 Amazing Places to Visit in London That Aren't in Zone 1

Though everyone should do all the major tourist haunts on their first trip to London, there are so many other great places to visit just a...


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The Dark Side of Every Zodiac Sign

To have light, you must also have darkness. To have joy, you must also experience sadness. This duality of human nature is, at its core, what...

Does Having a Pet Affect Your Sex Life? Yep, It Does

When it comes to being a pet parent, it's generally a blessing: animals offer comfort and love, and you get to come home to your best...

5 Reasons I'm Thankful For Being in a Long-Distance Relationship

I've been with my boyfriend for two years, and in that time, we've lived in three different cities on two continents. The reaction I almost always...

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