A Floor Excercise with a 7.4 D-Score.

Ri Jong Song G
Backwards 5/2 twist D
Forward 2/1 twist D
Van Roon D
Backwards 3/2 twist C
Forward 5/2 twist E
Fedorchenko C
Korobchynski E
Double Arabian piked 1/2 out E
Layout Double Double F

Difficulty: 4.6
Connection: 0.3
Element Groups: 2.5

Start Value: 17.4

*This one was a little harder to edit because of the freedom of movement on floor.



  1. Denis could probably do a 7.4 routine on this code, even without being able to connect into rollouts. Was doing front 2/1 into double pike front in warm up gym.. could then go back 2.5 twist into double front second last, easily has the high in the front 1/1 he does atm. If he does back 3.5 punch half (which he can probably do) on for a 7.5.. whip triple finish (which he can probably do) 7.6

  2. Here's a real floor routine…
    Back 5/2- Front 5/2 D-E
    Ri Jong Song G
    Front 2/1- Front 1/1 tucked rollout D-D
    Japanese Press from splits D
    Back 7/2- Front 1/1 E-C
    Whip- Back 3/2 layout rollout B-D (B wouldnt count as skill, just put in in for the extra 0.1 bonus)
    Back Double Double Layout F


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