Healthy Living Over 50!!! I will show you 5 SIMPLE STEPS to Detox Your Body! Detoxing with natural remedies helps to reduce inflammation, boost energy, support digestion, cleanse the liver, promote healthy skin and more!! This is a BONUS VIDEO!! Woo Hoo! I hope you will enjoy!! Please like and subscribe before you really helps me out! 💝Blessings, Laurie

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  1. Good Morning my friend!…have a beautiful week and hate so much Monday 👎you are a joy your smile is contagious your video is always informative love u Laurie ❣️💋❣️💋❣️💋❣️🤣❣️🤣❣️🤣💚

  2. Hey lovely Laurie ♥ what a great video! Excellent tips to taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle! I shall be drinking lemon water from tomorrow morning! Thank you for sharing, much love xoxo Shaz

  3. Hi Laurie! Great simple detox ideas for everyone. I haven't done the lemon juice drink but have done the apple cider vinegar – will have to do more research. I laughed at your comments about getting "bendy" and doing yoga with your husband. 😄. I've been thinking of doing this with my husband & it might be worth the laugh!! Thanks for the bonus video. I've been away so just catching up! ❤️ Rita 🇨🇦

  4. Great tips, Laurie! I stretch in my swim-spa. I have some nerve damage in my pelvis, so the water really helps with getting exercise that doesn't hurt, and the stretches are easier in the water, too!

    Until we do it again, it is so easy to forget how nice it feels to soak in Epson salts! I always have a bag on hand to soothe those aches and pains we can get so easily as we mature!!

    I think one of the very best things we can do for our body, skin, and overall health is drink water, water, water!! I always have a big mug of water with me (and next to me) day and night! I often use the giant mugs you get as a patient at a hospital! They have a cover, a straw (smile when you sip — helps with those lip lines), and a handle [I have tiny little hands, so I have to have a handle otherwise I'd have to use 2 hands to hold a big mug, just like a little kid!!].

  5. Hi Laurie, I am a new subbie znd so happy to have found you. If I'm not mistaken we are green eye sisters 😊
    I actually set z glass of lemon water at my bedside in the evening and drink it the nest morning.
    Blessings friend.

  6. This is a great video Laurie ..( Diet is so important) I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ) It's so very painful…It's spreading though my body.Its in my organs now ..From ( CRPS) I got Fibromyalgia and U.colitis …( taking probiotics every day is so beneficial for stomach health) ….Thanks for this video I'm sure it's going to help many.Having health issues I already know about this but I'm sure many don't…You look beautiful , Take care 🍭

  7. Going gluten free has but an end to our leaky gut and has changed my husbands lupus inflammation like crazy. He's doing so much better since going GF. I take magnesium every day and that helps me. I get it that way instead of Epsom salts. I don't like baths. I'll think about dry brushing. I had a bad arm burn and I can't scrub that arm until,the dermis gets thicker. Oh and also probiotics.

  8. Good Morning Laurie, this was an excellent video and I am proud to say that I abide by all of your tips, with the exception of lemon water, I just can't do lemons, they are too acidic for me!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a fabulous week. Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  9. I have tried and tried the warm water with lemon and it just about makes me gag! 😝 But I drink it in cold water throughout the day. I put ginger in a lot of things, it is a great anti inflammatory. I was laughing with you over the yoga poses. 😂 I use Epsom salts in my bath frequently. I put lemon grass essential oil in mine because it is one of the most anti inflammatory oils out there. Plus, it smells fabulous!! I was excited to see you did a bonus video sweetie!! 😘❤️

  10. Thank you for the information! I got a good laugh out of your exercising with your husband. Our family tried doing Pilates in our living room. Lol!! My husband and daughter were behind me making noises like they were working out, but when I looked back they weren't. My husband tried to stretch his legs and I went over to help him open up. He let out a hell and said that I almost broke him apart!! We all laughed more than working out!!

  11. Good morning love! I don’t like warm lemon water either! I may try it though!! Yesssss!!!! I need to stretch!!! It’s so good!!! I love lavender! I’m gonna get a dry brush!! Great tips gorgeous!!!! Kisses!!!!😘😘😘

  12. Hi Laurie great tips,awesome video.
    You look as though you have lost weight Laurie l noticed it last week.
    Hope all is well Laurie, thanks again for the detox tips hun.
    Much love n hugs Julie xx💕

  13. Good morning Laurie. I start my morning with warm lemon water. Epsom salt is so simple and yet to powerful in the body. I put Epsom salt in my garden as well. Love to do a facial, lay down with soft music and just relax and after I will drink any herbal tea of my choice. I also love the dry brush……glad you are working out with hubby. I am still waiting to meet mine….lol…stay blessed………MINDY

  14. I enjoyed this very much, Laurie. My parents both used Epsom salts, and I need to buy some. I drink apple cider vinegar every morning, and love my vegetables! I can just see you cracking up during the yoga poses. Many blessings, and love..MaryEllen

  15. Thanks. I do it all but the Yoga and the lemon water. Not sure if my IC would react to the lemon water. Great tips.🧡🧡🧡🧡🍋🥦🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️🥗


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