Thousands of the healthcare industry’s most forward-thinking executives will gather for the second annual HLTH conference October 27-30 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The conference will spotlight executives from different segments of healthcare such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Geisinger, Google, Cambia Health Solutions, Anthem, Optum, Philips, and CVS Health. The diversity of companies represented at the event reflects an intriguing development that’s become more evident in recent years  — boundaries defining the healthcare industry have been receding as retail, banking and finance, transportation, and other sectors push into healthcare.

This week, HLTH unveiled its preliminary agenda for the conference, highlighting panel discussions and speakers across the 18 themes the conference has included this year. Here’s a look at a few of them.

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One is Communities at the Crossroads of Health. Across the country, local, state and federal entities are aligning to organize health services and resources around the social determinants of health. One panel will spotlight Non Emergency Medical Transportation programs with speakers from Lyft and BCBS Association. It will highlight how these groups seek to improve the health and well-being of individuals who struggle to keep healthcare appointments, pick up prescriptions from pharmacies, visit grocery stores, therapists, support groups, or visit loved ones. These groups are among several companies that have developed services to close transportation gaps through strategic partnerships so that patients can successfully reach centers of care.

This year, MedCity is joining forces with HLTH to roll our annual ENGAGE conference into the HLTH conference. [email protected] will cast a spotlight on patient engagement on October 28.

Another panel, with an eye to social determinants, will draw attention to  engaging isolated seniors, homeless individuals, and patients facing end-of-life struggles. Speakers for this discussion will include executives from End Well, Aspire, Accolade, and AHA.

Generation.AI will address the intense interest around artificial intelligence in its different forms, such as machine learning and evolutionary computation. One discussion will address the roles this technology has to play in healthcare from earlier detection of disease, which can increase the success rate of treatments and provide more options for therapies. Another segment will explore how pharma companies are enlisting AI tech partnerships to potentially transform drug discovery by helping companies screen data, identify potential targets for drug development, speed up clinical trial design and recruitment, and help repurpose approved drugs for new indications.

One byproduct of the consumerization of healthcare is the push for direct-to-consumer diagnostics. Human-Centered Care will explore how this is making it easier to order tests for food sensitivity, fertility, genetics, and more, be it online or from big box stores. In one panel, executives will discuss the impact of mainstreamed home testing and the benefits (and challenges) of keeping consumers more engaged in their health.

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