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  1. Hey @Remington James, I just started going to the gym for about 3weeks now. I'm 5,11 and weigth 150lbs. Is this a good meal plan for me or is it to much? Because it seems like i could never finish that much in one day and i'm kinda skinny tbh. Thanks for the great video btw!!

  2. Any tips on how to make the sweet potatoes taste better. I’ve had sweet potatoes before and I just can’t eat them plain I was wondering if there was something to add that would change the flavor profile but not sacrifice the nutritional value

  3. The volume of idiots posting on here "He isn't gordon ramsy" makes me doubt humanity. THIS IS A MEAL PREP video for people weightlifting, looking for an easy budget 7 day meal prep. Go watch gordon ramsy if you want elegant spice selections and proper cutting techniques on a steak. Yall go into walmart and bitch that it aint GC quality cloths too? This world gets dumber and dumber every day. Some of you should practice your 1rm neck hangs.

  4. What is valuable in this video is demonstrating the need to use a large amount of containers to prep meals with. Secondly, the types of food that are good to be eating to add mass. However, there isn't much in this video to indicate why you use 8 ounces of a specific ingredient(for example). Every person needs to take in a certain amount of food unique to their goals and their current body type/size, to make sure they are not under/overeating. Don't take too much stock in how much of each ingredient he is using as you need to work out what YOU need at the current point in your own personal progress. A certain quantity of food for 1 person is not going to do the same for a person who is a completely different size, there is a bit of a misconception propagation here.

    Other than that … great video with a good presentation, thanks

  5. I know most of you have watch Kitchen Nightmare. Gordon Ramsey ask how long that the food was in the refrigerator. The owner says 1week. Chef Ramsey go raiding the fridge and throw out everything. It's not because the food doesn't taste good after a week. Bacteria have grown in it.

  6. No you shouldn't prepare a whole week meal. I work in a restaurant before. We have to take a on food handling course and test. Cook food shouldn't be leave out more than 2hrs. Cook food or leftovers should be eaten in 3or4 days. Afterwards it should be thrown away. Because of the bacteria. Bacteria grows quicker in refrigerators. Food been in the fridge for more than 4 days might make you sick.

  7. I have never been more offended by a guy who thinks he can cook but sucks at it.
    Your numbers doesnt fit, 1 bc you use cook mike, (microwave) it destroys 1/3 of your vitamin minerals and values in your food.
    That chicken is so dry and you just put some random stuff. the meals arent delicious, i can see that. you cant even cut the meat come on. scissors. You need to go to a health and nutrition class, and a class where they teach you things about how to cut meat, how to make healthy foods, and foods for you that want to bulk or build.
    You cant even cook the rise, u need a mahine to it, lol. then the potatoes waw.
    Frozen brokoli 😀 it keeps geeting better. then the oeat meal. this is 1 disgusting, 2 haveing the same every single day. no wonder why ppl get sick, or die in young age.
    You are destroying your liver, and stomatch dude. advicing other ppl to do the same is just nuts..
    Its like some of theres instagram bitches who claims to be influenser, and do shit that is dangerous and other stupid kids follow it. You need to be as good as you when you in the gym, when you make food, or else man, you just a lazy ass dude.

  8. We absolutely LOOOOOVE our Instant Pot.>>>ur2.pl/1046 We got it on Prime day and have used it every day since. Like most people, we fell into a rut of making the same meals over and over. The Instant Pot has opened up a whole new world for us. We are still discovering new recipes and having a lot of fun. If you are considering one of these, don't hesitate. I HIGHLY recommend it.


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