When you are new to the sport it can be baffling to see how many different kinds of running shoes a brand like Adidas has in its line-up. Rest assured, though, there’s a reason for this breadth of range, and with a little research you’ll be able find your ideal shoe within it.

More than anything else, Boost foam is the magic ingredient in Adidas’s running shoes that keeps people coming back to them time and time again. The springy and comfortable midsole is found in all of the German company’s most popular shoes, from the speedy Adizero Adios to the stylish UltraBoost.

Whatever kind of runner you are there’s a Boost shoe for you in Adidas’s range, so beyond the midsole there are a few other factors to consider. Start with what kind of running you want to do with the shoe. Are you a casual runner mostly doing runs of around 5-10km at whatever pace feels good on the day? Or are you training hard for a particular event like a marathon and undertaking a range of different training sessions like track, tempo, easy and long runs?

You should also consider whether you overpronate and therefore may need a stability shoe – getting gait analysis done at a running store can help identify this – and the surface you’ll be running on (road or trail).

Once you’ve armed yourself with a rough idea of the kind of runner you are and what type of shoe you need, check below to find the Adidas shoe that matches your aims.

Best All-Rounder: Adidas SolarBoost

Adidas’s range was crying out for a shoe like the SolarBoost, which is more cushioned than the racing-focused Adios and Boston trainers, but more stable and lighter than the UltraBoost. The SolarBoost is suitable for all manner of training, excelling on long runs in particular thanks to the bouncy Boost foam, and is fast enough to tackle races in as well.

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Best For Marathons: Adidas Adizero Boston 7

The lightweight Boston is a great shoe for runners looking to nab a marathon PB, and it also has enough cushioning for daily training. If the SolarBoost is a trainer/racer than leans towards training, the Boston is one that leans towards racing, and speedier runners in particular will prefer the lighter Boston as an all-round option.

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Best For 5Ks And 10Ks: Adidas Adizero Adios 3

Even lighter than the Boston, the Adios line has long been favoured by fast runners looking to make a splash in races up to the marathon. For most amateurs the small amount of support on the Adios makes it a better fit for 5Ks and 10Ks rather than the full 42.2km, where some extra cushioning will be always appreciated. However, for short races and track sessions, you can’t go wrong with the super-fast Adios.

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Best-Looking Shoe: Adidas UltraBoost

The UltraBoost was a game-changer when it was released, its bouncy Boost foam combining with a stylish and comfortable knit upper that meant the shoe could be worn anywhere while still being a great for running. We reckon the UltraBoost is a mite too heavy and the knit upper not quite secure enough for racing or speedy training runs, but it will carry you through easy days nicely while also being a comfortable shoe you can wear when not running.

There is also a Parley version of the UltraBoost, which is made from recycled ocean plastic, and the UltraBoost ATR version has more grip on the outsole and a water-resistant upper, making it a good pick for winter running.

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Best Stability Shoe: Adidas Adizero Tempo 9

The Tempo 9 is one of the best stability running shoes offered by any brand, with Boost cushioning that is firmer on the medial side to prevent overpronation during your runs. Despite the extra support the shoe still comes in well under 300g (278g for UK 8.5), making it a great option for faster runners in particular. Adidas also makes stability versions of the UltraBoost and Supernova running shoes, if you want more cushioning.

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Best Highly-Cushioned Shoe: Adidas Supernova

A comfortable beast that any runner craving cushioning will thoroughly enjoy training in. The Supernova is heavy, but the springy nature of Boost cushioning means you can still run at a good pace in it if so desired, and the upper has a more secure fit than the UltraBoost. If you’re looking for a workhorse to handle a lot of training mileage, the Supernova won’t let you down.

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Best For Trail Running: Adidas Terrex Agravic

Terrex is Adidas’s trail running gear line, and which Terrex you choose depends on the surface you’ll predominantly be running on and the distances you’re likely to tackle. The Terrex Agravic has a Continental rubber outsole that provides enough grip to take on technical trails at speed, and it’s slightly more cushioned than most trail shoes to keep you comfortable over long distances off-road.

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