Learn how to start a healthy lifestyle & to see how I stay fitI!! I love you guys so so much and hope you enjoyed my how to start a healthy lifestyle video!β™‘
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  1. This is so helpful Mel thank youβ™‘ I'm going to start doing everything you said… eating healthier, drink more water, timing for bed and waking up, filling ur life with feed and drinking more water and all that good stuff 😊

  2. So I have a question, I'm like pretty small but I'm literally the weakest person ever. I can't lift stuff at work, it's tiring to walk up and down the stairs, it's just so hard to even do a "beginner" workout because I'm so weak! What should I do? Where do I start? πŸ’•πŸŒΈ

  3. Is it good to start this at the age of 14? (Working out) People are just often telling me "don't do that you're young you have nothing to worry about" but I just want to change around my lifestyle and be happier and healthier.

  4. Hey Mel! U probably won't see this because this video is so old, but I was wondering what some of the instagram and snapchat accounts that u follow to help motivate u and help with healthy recipes?

  5. Don't forget to work hard each day, because without pain no have gain, keep up the good work if you want healthy life and good reputation to yourself and also respect to your body and mind. Do not forget to read this every day. dont eat too much, little is good, and very, bad, also do a workout each day or 4 days in the week the minimum, Give a chance to yourself to live a good life, Do what I say and you will see a difference in your life from bad to better. Like my post if you believe what I say is right. Its not just optional…but priority. Do not forget to read this every day!! Never give up, Think that you love more,
    and gives strength to not give up, do it and your dream can be realized.


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