The best intense abs workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

This intense abs workout is only 3 minutes long, but you’ll definitely feel the burn! It’s a home ab workout that you can do with no equipment, so it can literally be done anywhere. In this extreme abs workout, you’ll be doing 4 different abs exercises for just 20 seconds at a time, with sets of 8 crunches in between. You might think 20 seconds or 8 reps sound easy, but we guarantee that by the end of this intense full ab workout, your abs will be wiped!

If you are a beginner or if you’re short on time, try for just one round of this bodyweight abs workout. A single round of this intense ab workout should take just about 3 minutes. If you are more advanced or would like to do closer to a 10 minute home ab workout, you can shoot for 3 rounds of this intense abs routine. If you would like the best full length ab workout, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

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Here are the exercises that make up this extreme ab workout. You may already be familiar with the movements in this no equipment abs workout, but please review them, and try out any unfamiliar movements first before attempting the complete intense home ab workout. Please follow the suggestions for number of seconds or reps for each exercise in this home abs workout:

1) Swimmer Kicks (20 seconds)
2) Crunches (8 reps)
3) Leg Climbers (10 seconds per leg)
4) Crunches (8 reps)
5) Leg Raise (20 seconds per leg)
6) Crunches (8 reps)
7) Twisting Planks (20 seconds)
8) Crunches (8 reps)

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