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  1. So I am 5,4 and I entered my weight loss journey 3 months ago I'm down 30 plds but I initially has a goal in mind of 130plds but I just realized that may be to low considering I lift 5 times a week idk if I could healthily gain muscle and be that small but am also coming from a backrpund of being obese at 187plds so any help is appreciated 🙂

  2. How much protein do you consume per meal? I want to start intermittent fasting with keto but getting all the fat and still enough protein to build muscle seems tricky in a short time frame…

  3. New follower. I love your content. You are super cute and sweet and dogs are cute and sweet. I'm also a Texas girl (Houston) now living in the Midwest so I know about the freezing life.

  4. So how many hours between am i allowed to eat a day? Trying to figure out so i know when i can start eating to line it up with the time i can work out..bc im vegetarian and I feel like I have to have a protein shake before and after I work out to get more protein in.

  5. As i keep researching this eating habit i read that this isn't good for women because it can lead to fertility issues. I think IF would be perfect for me but i am afraid of not being able to have kids in the future and most people are not talking about this ! what do you guys think ?

  6. I recently started following you after coming across one of your Starbucks videos and just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your content. I have so many friends who are a part of these big chain "diet companies" and it is just so brainwashed. My husbands always finding posts online about try this food diet or that diet cuz this person lost 100 pounds. You are like a breath of fresh air and just seem so realistic, honest and freeing. I look forward to creeping through more videos!

  7. Hi Brittany, i just started IF for a week.
    Fast from 5pm~9am and eat two meals between 9am~5pm.
    I’ll back home from work around 6ish and workout between 7-8pm.
    The thing is I feel hungry around 10pm every night, is this normal in the beginning stage?

  8. How long do you keep up with fasting? Like have you been going fasting for a year? I’ve tried to figure out how long you should fast for! Week on week off?? I’m a beginner haha 🙂 Love you Brittany!


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