Marty Kendall is an engineer and the husband of a Type-1 Diabetic. He runs the blog

In this video Marty discusses how the recent food insulin index data can be used to manage the insulin load of our diet in order to normalise blood glucose levels.

For a more detailed analysis of his presentation view the article



  1. This all makes sense. I am one year in ketosis and tend to eat eggs, cream, cream cheese, beef, pork, chicken. One thing that was not discussed which I believe is an important factor is that combining protein AND carb in the same meal causes a lot higher insulin spike than if each food type was taken in isolation of the other (i.e. there is a synergistic effect). It made me wonder if the insulin levels for the beef and white fish were measured from truely isolated meals. I only eat my meat meals with no other carb in the meal. I also tend to buy the very fatty cuts of meat (like prime rib with the fat eye still in it) and add extra fat to the pan at the end of cooking (butter) and drizzle all of the cooking juices over the meat to be consumed all together. So basically my high protein meal is also and extremely high fat meal which I would reckon dampens the protein insulin response.

  2. I am Type 1 diabetic, 20 years now … was told by Doctor to have the 6 meals with carbs diet and low fat. Gained weight, started getting obsessed with food, so many health issues … and found Dr Eric Berg first, who helped me understand my endocrine issues. Then found Dr Jason Fung and started to understand Insulin Resistance. Then found Dr R. Bernstein, ordered his book to start ketogenic diet – its coming from the UK and today discovered you or Insulin Response. I am super excited that I finally have a means to manage my diabetes not the other way around. For the last 4-5 weeks I have just stopped carbs and increased my fats until I get to know the science better and I can see my blood stable between 5.5 to 9 mmol/L for the first time in 20 years!! Now, I am excited to understand the science in order to optimise my nutrition and not have to eat fat all day … yay!!! If you need a Guinea Pig for research I am here …


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