For nearly a decade now, MedCity News has had a singular focus: to cover innovation in healthcare. That has necessarily meant covering startups and highlighting their journey as they raise capital to fund their new-fangled ideas and move to commercialize them in an industry that needs change, even though it may not always be a willing participant.

But as invaluable as MedCity has become as a resource to our healthcare audience, there are still scores of startups out there that we don’t know of. Who may be doing wonderful things in healthcare that we haven’t written about. That is about to change.

Today, we are launching a community of startups and for startups with the primary goal of helping them to be found. Be found by the venture capitalists, the industry partners and the hospital executives looking for innovation. It’s called MedCitizens. Right off the bat, let me clear up a potential for confusion. Up until now, MedCitizens was the name for our outside contributors’ program through which industry insiders penned their perspectives on the healthcare industry on MedCity News. We are now calling that program MedCity Influencers.

MedCitizens will be our new startup community highlighting innovative startups  both on our website as well as our conferences as we try to align both our editorial mission and our conference content even closer together.

Startups who join will be able to not only feature their founders’s story on MedCity News but also be able to regularly update our healthcare audience of noteworthy milestones be it fundraising, executive hiring, or product launches. And these are just some of the benefits.

For more information, please visit MedCitizens. I hope you find this new effort of ours an even more compelling reason to interact with MedCity News and urge startups of all stripes to join.

Photo: ipopba, Getty Images

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