We love a slice of wedding cake as much as the next guest, but even the most sweet-toothed of couples might find it hard to get through the leftovers before flying off on their honeymoon. It’s for this reason that savoury wedding cakes are becoming popular, especially if you’re going for an evening buffet or something a little more relaxed for your wedding breakfast. We’ve all seen the literal cheese cakes that have become popular over recent years, but what about a pork pie cake? Put all thoughts of supermarket pork pies out of your mind; the real deal from a top-end butcher will really give you a beautiful showpiece and a filling snack for the evening buffet. They look especially at home in a rustic or vintage-themed wedding, especially outdoors. Inspired? Take a look through our gallery of pork pie cakes, and add this savoury showstopper to your wedding spreadsheet now.

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