In this episode: We’re talking about why I prefer to keep my nutritional advice simple, the value of getting blood work done, & why both quality & quantity matters.

(For a much deeper dive on this subject, I highly recommend any book by Michael Pollan, especially “Food Rules”:


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Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we’ll deep dive on various aspects of running a CrossFit affiliate, becoming a better coach or athlete, & maximizing your potential.




  1. Once someone follows these principles, get down to the required body fat percentages and then plays around with which bf% they perform best at by adjusting carbs. How would one look to ad muscle mass? Do you follow a certain procedure of upping carbs until we see weight gain but not fat gain or..?

  2. His athletes do not eat three (female and 4 male) times a day and palm sized protein servings. They train way to much to just eat like that. I agree with most of what he says HOWEVER these people (women) are eating 2600 to 3000 per day, split into three meals = 1000 per meal. And the men are eating more than that.

  3. Putting all nutritionists in a box and saying that we all tell clients to supplement certain "hot topic" nutrients without looking at their current diet and/or blood work is insulting to the profession. I've spent the last 2 years working on my masters degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine and we are taught individualization, not generalization. I know there probably are those who do blindly suggest whatever supplement is popular at the time, but that just means they're not a well-taught nutritionist. Do your homework before you choose a practitioner to help you with nutrition and you won't run into that. But don't make us all sound like idiots, please. That said, much respect to you Ben! You've got a great message here otherwise 🙂

  4. Now you had to go and put common sense into it, lol. Like many of us I chase the new "thing" hoping there's a recipe for cheesecake in it. I'm a 63 year old veteran who's always been an athlete but after I got hurt in Saudi I became a good friend of comfort foot. I walk with a cane so many traditional exercises aren't possible and I had sort of given up. Then I saw the Fitest on Earth video and really got inspired. I can do Brattleboro complexes and I have an old Nordic track ski machine to work in intervals plus some dumbbells and resistance bands. Maybe not cross fit but the principles adapt. Thank you for these videos and the inspiration you and your athletes gave an old man

  5. I 100% understand the logic behind "Eat real food, not to much, mostly plants.." BUT I'm human and I have the tendency to say F this meal plan every once in awhile. So is there a good plan for cheating, i.e. one meal per week, one beer per week? How do I cheat properly?
    Also, what do you suggest for water intake?

  6. What do you guys to do track body fat? Just 3 point callipers or do you send your athletes to a BODpod (or something similar) in Boston somewhere? Just wondering if you had a preferred method.

  7. Any advice to a female like me at age 60 trying to get leaner. Crossfit 5 times per week eat lean meats and fish, tons of vegetables and fruit. Having difficulty getting below 24% fat.

  8. Love his method but I wonder why he is still including meat in his diet plans especially since they are so simple and he pointed out the nutritional density of plants. Because meat literally dont have any necessary nutritional benefits..

  9. Really liked this video, it was very instructive, but I find it weird that Ben talks about eating real food and just after that drinks a soda can. Is it a special kind of soda ?


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