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The Venus Factor Program Includes:
The Main PDF Manual: which can be printed out or read on any device. It contains a thorough explanation of the philosophy behind the course and step by step instructions for following the diet and exercise guidelines.

Eating Guide: Unlike other diet programs, Venus Factor doesn’t get didactic about which foods to stop eating. In fact this guide tells you to eat things in moderation rather than going berserk about putting an end to eating your favorite foods.

Workout Manual: This manual guides you about an array of exercises that you could do fitting your body type and need to achieve the hourglass figure. These exercises can be performed almost anywhere; you need not go to a gym to perform these exercises.

The workout schedule: The Venus factor is a 12 week fitness program which is divided into 3 phases. Each of these phases is 4 weeks long. During each of the phases you’re given a specific workout plan to follow. You have access to the complete routine with pictures, explanations, and videos that you can use to follow along and keep the correct form of all the workouts.

Online Application: “The Virtual Nutritionist”, which is a software application that will create a customized nutrition regimen based on the individual details you provide about yourself.

Podcast Series: going through the program and applying it consistently would require some motivation for you and there could be no better powerhouse to transfer this motivation than John Barban, the founder, himself. You can catch him on weekly podcasts and keep moving toward achieving that curvaceous figure.

Online Community: where you can connect with other users, ask specific questions about the course and share tips and experiences with the community. Users can create and share podcasts, blog about their experiences and make friends with like-minded women.

Fitness Program: This is the final step as it puts together the exercises that should be done in sets or those exercises which complement each other.

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