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The Venus Factor Reviews – The Best Weigh Loss Diet Plan For Women

The Venus Factor diet plan has come as a relief to a lot of women across the globe. Specially created for the female anatomy, it is a diet and fitness system has proved to be a blessing and a wonder to a lot of women to get rid of that extra fat off their bodies. It is drawing the attention of many with its potential to get a woman’s body back to shape.

It has been accepted as one of the most impactful weight loss programs of our times with great value for money. It is a weight loss program and what makes it special is the fact that the focus is just not on dieting. The 12 weeks fact loss program package includes the Venus Factor virtual nutritionist, the Venus Factor workout guide, Venus Factor 101 and an array of special bonuses and goodies. It is supported by the podcasts by experts, information on workout patterns, coaching calls, nutritional guidance and an how to do explanatory video.

As per John Barban, the author, this is the only fat loss system that one would need since it’s been designed by experts in female physiology, nutrition and biology. He also claims that the science and logics used to develop this program is pretty complicated and lot of time and effort has been put in to it to come up with such a wonderful weight loss program. He also claims to have come up with a way to generate “fat melting metabolism which burns like a furnace day after day.”

All of the information about the use, development of the program is made available to a user via a pdf document which is 179 pages long! Quite a lot of information, isn’t it?

The entire program comes with options. Along with the 12 week diet system, you can also choose to have the 12 week work out system, which would propel the results of the diet plan. So it has a two pronged approach of weight loss in one hand and burning fat in the other.

The success of Venus Factor as a fat loss, slimming system is in the fact that taps the biological nitty-grities in a woman’s body. The program simply tackles the leptin, which is a hormone made by fat tissue that directly impacts the brain to regulate food intake and body weight. It is what causes you to burn fat. The higher your leptin efficiency, the more fat you burn off.

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